Lucky Charm

Indulge in the captivating allure of our Lucky Charm Collection, where modern elegance seamlessly intertwines with traditional charm in every meticulously designed Baju Kurong and dress. Each outfit possesses its own distinctive lucky name, weaving stories of positivity and style. Elevate your wardrobe with these unique pieces, each a testament to the perfect fusion of fashion and fortune. Dive into a realm of sophistication and collect them all to adorn yourself in luck and timeless beauty.


Being able to travel again opens our hearts to the beautiful treasures around the world. This year we’ve created dreamy pieces that are written in the stars just for you. Our team has meticulously selected the best fabric, designed various silhouettes to fall in love with and created prints that would have you wanting the whole collection. We’ve also looked through ‘our vault’ and brought back a few in demand styles. Put in an order with us by selecting standard UK sizes or have it tailored to your body. When we can our team will release a few ‘finders keepers’ pieces but with all the things new it’s best to put in an order to secure your outfit(s). Look your very best this Raya and invest in yourself because self love is beautiful. Wear Bajoo’ for that “Made You Look” vibe.

Raya in Town

This Year’s collection is hand crafted for Hari Raya and beyond. Venturing into prints for the very first time, we wanted some of our pieces to reflect the flora and fauna of Borneo, hoping to invoke the warm, cozy feel of familiarity. All prints from this collection were designed in-house and we are truly grateful that our hard work has paid off. we also bought back old school Katok embroidery stronger than ever. Which completely brought back childhood memories of our mothers and families wearing beautiful Katok pieces. We hope you feel the love behind our pieces and that we are able to be a part of your Raya memories this year.

Blooms Collection

Blooms collection is inspired by English Gardens that show varities of flowers that blooms simultaneously. It is a reflection the designer’s love for travel with the desire to incite the feel of crisp spring air. An interesting touch of this collection is that it uses tweed fabric in pastel and dark tones to the collection flexible to cater clients’ needs. Also adding up handsewn 3D flower beadwork with hints of crystal beads make the collection looks intricate and even more stunning

Lil' Sweethearts Collection

Sugar Sugar took inspiration from trending characters and personalities to give little girls that sweet, luxurious look this upcoming raya

Superhero 2.0 Collection

This year Sugar Sugar collection for the little boys, we want them to feel strong, modern and heroic in our new collection of cara melayu. some familiar charaters are from the Marvel and DC.

“The most beautiful thing you can wear is confidence” – Blake Lively

Driving force behind its success is the store’s very own team of talented tailors and beaders. Bajoo will always strive to provide you with a bespoke experience when you come in to create your very own outfit. Today, Butik Bajoo offers a spectrum of choices for the preppy or sophisticated, for the laid-back or formal, or simply put, something for everyone. It has built a reputation of providing Bruneians with the latest fashion and quality products from around the world.

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